Kundalini Blessings Deck { 3 images } Created 13 Sep 2011

The Kundalini Blessings Oracle Card Deck is intended to be worked with on an intuitive basis. This means that you set your mind aside and focus on your inner guidance.

Intuition is guided by the Third Eye and helps you know beyond the known, see beyond the seen, as well as perceive beyond your own mental logic. When your energy field is communicating with the Universe, this will reveal what is in your highest good.

These cards not only contain powerful meditations that you can do at any time, they also contain powerful positive affirmations to be used in various oracle spreads or as messages for the day.
Relax and center yourself. Before you choose a card, feel your connectivity to the Universe. Feel yourself come into yourself fully through long deep breathing. Close your eyes. Let all the stories of your past go, anything that is holding you back from this present moment. Exhale and release it. As you inhale, envision white healing light filling your entire being, coming into this present moment.

Pick your card and see what it has to say. Look at the comments section of the card in the accompanying booklet and get your message. Do the meditation and Experience the gift it is blessing you with!

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